Getting the Best Equipment for the Job

As is the case with all mechanical equipment items, you want to make sure you are getting the absolute best knuckleboom loader possible for more comfortable and more dependable job completion. This often means looking into multiple company’s machines, looking through reviews, and finding the best type of equipment for your specific type of job. With that in mind, you should make sure you have a list of questions to ask the retailer who you are renting or purchasing the grappling truck.

What You Should Know

grapple truckFuel Efficiency

When it comes down to it, no fuel means no completion of the job at hand, from this it is essential to know your machinery’s fuel efficiency. Understanding this means you will know how much money for the job will have to go into running the equipment. This will also affect the job day-to-day, as it will determine how often it will have to be stopped to refuel.

Comfortable Cab

Due to the extensive time frame needed to complete these types of jobs, you want to make sure that the location the operator will be working from allows for comfort and ease of work. This will allow for less stress on the operator and mean for a more efficient work environment.

Strong Swing Torque

Since the job will entail the transportation of bulky waste, and it having to be relocated from one point to the other, you want to make sure the grappling truck can handle it. With more swing torque, you can reduce cycle times and lower your cost per ton.


It really should go without saying, but a company’s reputation will tell you if you should get involved with their product. Machinery is an investment, and you want to be sure it will last. Spending a little more for equipment that won’t quit on you is always going to be worthwhile.

Petersen Industries

With Petersen Industries, you know you are buying the highest quality grappling trucks on the market. We’ve been in business for over six decades, and it’s no surprise that we come so highly recommended to new and old companies alike. Call us today at (863) 215-7188.

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